RUMP! Early Access Release

It’s here! Hooray for RUMP! on Steam!

Lots of new content is waiting for you. All the keys for our Indiegogo backers have been sent out – check your mailboxes!

We’re rolling it out as a soft release, so we’re only advertising it to our core community and all Indiegogo backers. Presse Releases and YouTuber-Keys will follow shortly, as we’re having another big multiplayer update in our pipeline which needs a bit more polishing before releasing it as the first bigger patch.

To keep it short: launch the game and enjoy all the new stuff! :)


Closed Beta closed?!

Correct. As you may have noticed, if you have been participating in the closed beta, this phase has finished.

The way Steam works we had to revoke the beta keys just as we announced before. We are now preparing for the Early Access release and every backer of our Indiegogo campaign will receive his final key right in time.

Stay tuned on our Steam Community pages and on Facebook for further updates. We’re aiming for less than two weeks until the release.

Aside of this: the store page might be down due to our „App“ being in „prerelease“-state and the demo may be buggy at the moment, since we’re also changing things around the API.5

So – for now: don’t worry. It is indeed (kind of, as it’s the way Steam works for our progress) intended for the game to disappear from your library, since we’ve revoked the closed beta keys.

Stay tuned – we’re close to publishing RUMP! to every gamer out there! :)


RUMP! Closed Beta

Ladies and Gentlemen – let the RUMPAGE begin! The Closed Beta for „RUMP! It’s a Jump and Rump!“ has just started!

This version is close to being our candidate for the Early Access release. We’re now looking for your feedback, so we can update the remaining things (like network improvements, as we’ve already seen yesterday on some maps).

For now: enjoy the closed beta! If you don’t have a key: check out our facebook and also the fansite „RUMPtastic“, as some keys are being raffled out every now and then. :)


Closed Beta Patchnotes Preview

Curious about what’s about to come? Ain’t long anymore. If everything works out we’re probably launching the closed beta by the end of the month – or even a couple days earlier.

Looking for about 3-4 weeks of closed beta data and feedback. After that we’re probably already good to go for the Early Access launch.

But you’re here for news on the upcoming goodies, right? We’ve got you covered with some key facts from our developers comments right here:

  • Several new Multiplayer-Maps and -Modes, each map with a different mechanic and playstyle.
  • Reworked the Lobby-System to look better and work smoother – including character and level pick options.
  • Added more Steam-functions, like inviting friends to your lobby or joining a game, using the Steam friendslist.
  • You may now throw bombs / shoot missiles into boosters – that should add even more mayhem to given insanity.
  • Increased the panic by adding sounds and visuals upon being locked by a homing missile… run Forrest, run!
  • Improved Controller support! Even tested with uncommon products like „Real PS2/PS3/PS4/PS5 compatible controller with Force Feedback on Real Copy Console, please install Software first, only $1,99 including family shipping == please buy now to support Chewbacca Hairloss Foundation Hardware! Receive free sticker!“ … We’re still recommending any kind of mouse, since it’s much faster to turn around with. But as the lot of you asked for that support we took care of it and tried to implement and test it as good as possible. There’s a lot of controllers and drivers out there – so please let us know about yours if you’re still facing issues assigning buttons. :)
  • Improved the Multiplayer-HUD to show better player stats and infos.
  • Added a Lobby Browser to find public games with free slots.
  • Added passwort protected lobbies so you can play with your privy friends only.
  • Introduced Coolers, which will blow you off your way and may lead to deep drops.
  • Made the Hammer-swing-direction really matter by affecting its target with a proper directional force.
  • Added a neat knockback to the hammer – you may now kick your friends down the arena edges.
  • Balanced weapons in several ways, like changing the laser to consume 20 energy per shot now, giving 5 shots per crate collected, or having a small delay between throwing bombs so you can’t spam them that hard.
  • WeaponPlatforms now show a timer until their next respawn – a good timing can now be worth quite a lot.
  • Slowed down runspeed a bit when you’re carrying a weapon – this makes it easier to run if you’re unarmed and chased by someone… or more than one…
  • Improved hitpoint-bars and nametags in general so they’re easier to see and fade out at a certain distance.
  • Improved Laser particles and decals, thus also improved performance.
  • New Sounds for Saw, Spikes, Rocket Explosion and Launch, Axe and many more.
  • Updated all types of crosshairs, some of them with ballistic markers and animations.
  • Lots and lots of Multiplayer Testing-Sessions to improve gameplay and ensure balance.
  • Bought some stock shares of Raid®, since we’re using it quite a lot to kill bugs.

Best commit comment during checking our changes from build #1017 to currently #1945 was actually Alex with build #1480: „Redeleted unbroken shit“ … yeah, everyone will know in a year from now what you did there… :D

Stay tuned for more – closed beta incoming!


Updates incoming

Silently we’ve been creating amazing things inside the RUMP! universe… Lots of new stuff, improved things, added maps and crazy gamemodes are waiting for you.

The closed beta ain’t that far away anymore and we’ll give you a sneak peak within the next one or two weeks. Expect preliminary patchnotes in the next news, which will reveal some of the shiny stuff you’re about to download pretty soon™.


Heading for GamesCom 2015

Only a few more days to go and the next GamesCom is about to deliver new inspiration for all of us!

This year we’re glad to have a lot of free time on the fair, not being bound to anything. So we’re really looking forward to all the content we can consume there and get new ideas for our brains to work on.

We’re not having our own booth there (yet), since we don’t feel that we should show the current state of the game there. Don’t get us wrong, it works and makes fun to play – but it’s still a lot to do to get the game where we want it to be. So we’ll just roam around there – maybe you’ll spot us. If so: don’t refrain from saying hi, we’re there for you guys too. :)


Going fast, going strong!

Thanks to all the supporters out there, which wanted to contribute to the Kickstarter campaign. Sadly we didn’t meet the goal – but we got quite some promotion, as we hoped for. Aside of the lot of people which haven’t had heard of us before and then found us with our campaign we got to know more players with some kind of outreach, which will really help us on our game release.

Speaking of that: we’re still going on – fast and strong. Lots of updates are being made every day, which you can’t see currently, as we’re not yet updating the Demo – until the next milestone: Early Access on Steam.

Before that we’ll host the closed beta, for which we’ll pick a couple people – alongside to our backers of course, which will receive further information by eMail once the beta is close enough. Stay tuned!


Kickstarter Promotion launched

After the really great outreach of the RUMP! Indiegogo-Campaign, Dedication Labs now started the Kickstarter promotion weeks. With widely updated contents, including new ingame footage in the videos, this is the second and last Alpha phase before starting the closed Beta and shortly afterwards releasing the Early Access version of RUMP!.

If you didn’t reserve your Steam Key on Indiegogo yet, you should definitely take a look at the Early Bird Megapack – because this pack is insane! Early Birds get TWO KEYS, the Cape, all 10 Hats, the Dark Rump, the Cape-Pack, the Skin-Pack, the limited Backer-Char AND Beta-Access on top of it! Early Access too, of course.

Get your own impressions by watching the Kickstarter promotion video and campaign here:
» https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/918769885/rump-its-a-jump-and-rump


Indiegogo Campaign finished

First off: a big thanks from the whole team to all the backers out there, that picked a perk on our Indiegogo-Campaign and supported us in the development of RUMP!.

We’ve earned quite a bit of experience in terms of Crowdfunding within these two months, since this was the first time we had such a campaign going. The platform gave us a nice reach out to the world – in the end several countries including India, Korea, America and Russia got to know about us and even made a lot YouTube Lets Play-Videos with our Alpha Demo!

This outreach is very valuable to us and we’ve been quite happy that Kickstarter now eventually managed to get their Germany-Expansion going. We’re now able to use the possible reach on that platform as well, probably starting between 12th and 15th of May. The Kickstarter-campaign will be only half the time though, since this wasn’t planned and we don’t want to put another two months into campaigning.

After that we’ll have some internal processing for the two campaigns (collecting and combining data, publishing updates and details, contacting according people and the like) before we’re moving to the next bigger step:

The Beta! Our Multiplayer work is in good progress, we already put out some alpha teaser videos on weaponry and due to popular demand we’re promoting Deathmatch to the first released GameMode for Multiplayer matches over TimeAttack, which will follow later.

Keep an eye open on our Facebook and Twitter accounts for the images, videos and updates we’re posting there. The next Blog entry will probably be for the release of the Kickstarter Campaign.

Thanks again for your big support and sharing our game to your friends and on your social media!



The new website for RUMP! is now live – check out » www.rumpage.com for all its details!

It provides a nice overview for all the ingame Maps, including top-down screenshots of each map so you can see if there might be an even shorter route than you are using right now.

On top of that: lots of highscore data for the singleplayer rankings! See player profiles and all time statistics as well – you just need to click on the players name. Enjoy and share! :)