RUMP – It’s a Jump and Rump!


RUMP! It’s a crazy and challenging 3D Jump and Run single- and multiplayer speedrun brawling game with a high focus on competition, sick jumps and ultimate mayhem! You can compete with your steam friends, challenge them and beat their best times! You will be rewarded with different skins, different characters and even some nice powerups. And of course you can climb the global rankings to become the best of the world!

The singleplayer offers over 50 different maps with some serious jumping and raging action! Collect all coins to proceed to the next level – but also be fast to make sure to be better than your friends! Beat the Bronze, Silver and Gold times to receive cool awards, skins and other stuff.

In the different multiplayer gamemodes you can challenge up to 5 friends in a fight to the death! First to arrive or having the most points will win. Use your body and an evil set of gadgets like rockets, homing missiles, chargeable lasers, bombs, sticky bombs, cashguns and deployable ATM money spamming machines to get rid of your foes and proceed to unbelievable greatness!


  • Up to six people multiplayer mayhem to beat your friends via STEAM!
  • Online Matchmaking with Quickjoin options or premade Lobbys/Groups!
  • A high amount of different maps, gadgets, mechanics, competition and story!
  • Lots of various Characters, Skins, Hats and Capes!
  • Awesome gadgets like hooks, missiles and other fun stuff!
  • Global & local rankings with leaderboards and statistics!
  • Multiple Gamemodes like Deathmatch and Timeattack, etc!
  • Unique Soundtrack and ambience!
  • Tons of uniquely designed levels! Created with LOVE™!
  • Lots of achievements and unlockables!
  • Coming soon: Observer Mode for viewing and casting multiplayer runs!
  • Coming soon: A hardcore mode with deadly traps that make you flip your table!

Currently this nice game is available as an Early Access Release and still under development – but it’s already in a very good state, as it features lots of content and mechanics!