RUMP! Dev Diary

Hey fellow rumpers,

we thought it might be a good idea to keep you informed about our development progress and what is going on behind our walls.

This blog entry takes care of the development progress in particular. You won’t read very much about our marketing because I think you might find that boring. Short inside to marketing? At this moment we handle a trillion excelsheets with even more contacts and emails and try to reach everyone! That’s it in a nutshell!

So what is happening right now in our small departments? As you might know we’re working with the Unreal Engine 4. We started using it long before all this cool stuff happened in the last few weeks everybody is talking about. The » realistic rendering of the appartement or the » elemental demo for example.

Basically we started with 4.1 and made our first steps with a little bit of trial and error since some of us had experience with other engines. UE4 gave us a very good base for starting our RUMP! project. Lukas, Paul and Nancy are currently involved in the very creative parts of our project. Alex, Jonas and Chris are doing the scripting in UE Blueprints and C++. Henry and myself are creating levels or working with the marketing campaign.

I would like to break the blog post into three departments: Creative, Code and other notable things.


We made the commitment to ourselves that we want to create our own and unique assets. Therefore and because of our neat comic-ish style of the game there are tons of drawings that need to be finished. Lukas is currently drawing texture after texture. We make a difference between textures for material purposes like iron, concrete, woodplanks and stuff like that, because we can use them on different objects and use masks in the engine to give them an individual touch.

And then there are these special objects, like the elevator for example, that need more attention. These textures are unique and fit only to a specific model to make it even more special and individual. Besides that Nancy is currently drawing the intro. We try to make a smooth comic effect like you know them from Marvel or MaxPayne in the Intro. We thought about animating something with our characters but this would be a huge timesink for us since we dont have an animation-specialist yet. So we stick to the comic style intro. All the different scenes need to be concepted an and brought to the digital screen. All those things are needed to deliver a demo that we approve and not a pile of random stuff. So they put a lot of love to these processes.


We’ve been waiting desperately for the new release of the engine! We are currently working with a 4.6 version and a few days ago 4.7 was released. In this new version are changes and bugfixes that we were really looking forward to. For example we had this one bug that crashed the engine while generating procedural instanced meshes within a bluprint. All the background buildings (1000-4000 each level) are currently single meshes randomly placed out of a safe zone. On good PCs this is not very much of an issue since it’s not drawing that much performance but the older the machines get the more of an issue it becomes. With 4.7 we can instance these buildings and the objects are much more easier to handle for the engine.

Another big advantage of 4.7 are the workflow changes for us. You can now use Blueprint components, created by yourself and combine them right in the editor. That makes things a lot easier and faster for us. Leveldesign process becomes more and more intuitive. Also we want to release the demo on a 4.7 base because of different other optimizations within the engine like Foliage performance and lighting etc.

So we are currently migrating the project to from 4.6. to 4.7. This might not sound such a big deal but sometimes it is. We are doing it very carefully and check all those functions and mechanics we created to make sure they still do what we want them to. When this process is finished the last few steps for the singleplayer demo are made. We are implementing our leaderboards which will be some kind of a workaround since we are not able to use steam for the demo. Steam provides leaderboard mechanics etc. So for the demo we run those leaderboards on our own servers. That means that you will have some kind of competition already within the demo.


I plan to make a live Dev-Stream this week to create a level from scratch with the community. We are creating the basics and decide together where things need to be placed. Where we put the cool jumps and what kind of setting it should be. I think that this might be a cool thing to involve you guys in the process. We will also include that level into the demo so you all can play it yourself. Make sure to follow our twitter (@rumpgame) and our facebook (» » We will publish the dates of the streams there.

Thank you for your time reading this! I hope to see you the next weeks as much as possible since our Indiegogo campaign still needs a loooot of love to be successfull! Check it out at » and please spread the word about it!

See you soon,