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2015-05-22 15:00 – Press Release: RUMP!-Promotion on Kickstarter

RUMP! It’s a Jump and Rump! – Kickstarter Promotion Campaign launched

After the really great outreach of the RUMP! Indiegogo-Campaign, Dedication Labs now started the Kickstarter promotion weeks. With widely updated contents, including new ingame footage in the videos, this is the second and last Alpha advertisement phase before starting the closed Beta and shortly afterwards releasing the Early Access version of RUMP!.

RUMP! is the new project from Dedication Labs. It is a crazy fast paced 3D Jump and Run catering all kinds of play styles – from casual to competitive. It contains a large Singleplayer-Campaign and features several game modes within the Multiplayer.

Play for yourself and maybe go for some highscores in the worldwide leaderboards, casually jump through the maps, collect your coins and unlock lots of skins and accessoires like hats for your characters. Or you go for the hardcore mode and have to evade and survive several types of traps which are making the levels pretty challenging, if you’re looking to score a good time on that map.

Jump into the multiplayer pool and prepare yourself for crazy mayhem. In classic Racing mode it’s your task to be the first to reach the finish line – but be aware that your pursuers may collect dangerous arms, like hooks, missiles, lasers and bombs, that will be thrown and shot after you!

In Deathmatch mode the real skill makes you shine: choose the right weapon and be in the right spot to dominate your opponents – or you go the sneaky way and upgrade your weapon to a really devastating level, so you can set up possibly game-ending scenarios everyone will be panicking at once it gets launched.

Get your own impressions by watching the Kickstarter promotion video and campaign here:

Visit the RUMP! website for the free alpha demo download, map details and current highscores:


Further information can be found here:
RUMP! on Twitter: »
RUMP! on Facebook: »
RUMP! Presskit: »
Dedication Labs Website: »
Dedication Labs Youtube: »
Dedication Labs Facebook: »

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2015-04-08 12:00 – Press Release: Public Demo released

Dedication Labs: RUMP! – Public Demo released on Steam!

Dear media partners,

as previously announced we’ve released the public demo of „RUMP! – It’s a Jump and Rump“ on Steam, free for everyone to play and to see where we’re heading.

The „Alpha Demo“ has already been available to a few YouTube players and then a couple public people, so we’ve been able to put in some more LOVE™ before heading towards this press release – and we also added two more maps to play.

The outreach so far includes all of the bigger countries, including LetsPlays in the USA, South Korea, India, Russia and Germany, of course. Several thousand players downloaded the free demo and already hit the mark of 1.5 million lap tries on the current levels.

Please drop us a link on Twitter (@rumpgame) or by eMail if you’re publishing reviews and/or VODs about RUMP!, so we can spread it around our network and have our community enjoy your content as well.

Stay tuned for future updates on new features – but for now enjoy rumping around our maps and try to hunt down those highscores! (Hint: one of the next features will be „Highscore Seasons“!)

Here are the most important links and infos:

Steam Demo Download: »

Website: »
Indiegogo: »
Logo and Graphics: »

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2015-03-02 16:00 – Press Release: „RUMP! – It’s a jump and rump“.

Dedication Labs: RUMP! A jump and rump with no arms and legs – but a cape! Crowdfunding launched!

Dedication Labs just launched their Indiegogo campaign for RUMP!

RUMP! is the new project from Dedication Labs. It’s a 3D speedrunner with some serious multiplayer brawl elements. You can either decide to seek competition in the international RUMP! leaderboards or punch up your friends and players from around the world in several multiplayer mayhem modes. You race over the dangerous rooftops of Rumptown with a large variety of gadgets and traps to keep the fun and rage „off the roof“. It will be the next big fun competition game!

In over 50 singleplayer and various multiplayer maps RUMP! offers you and your friends a large amount of potential fail, fun moments, chasing action and big time competition! Lots of skins, achievements and different characters bring individual life to the game and are also part of the goals.

On March 1st RUMP! started its Indiegogo campaign to finish the project and implement the wishes of the community. The campaign includes different goals and features: releases for different platforms (Mac, Unix, PS4, XBONE), more sets and environments, more characters, spectator mode and even an eSport launch tournament open to public!

After only six days RUMP! passed Steam Greenlight with the help of our fans and community!

Quote from our CEO, Sebastian Schenck:
„We are really looking forward to see people play RUMP!, feel the competition, try to get better or just have a fun time with their friends. RUMP! is our attempt to bring laugh and smiles to our fans by creating a game not too serious to be taken – but to be taken seriously while playing and brawling with your friends!“

More information can be found here:
RUMP! on Indiegogo:   »   or     »
RUMP! Presskit:   »
Dedication Labs Website:   »
Dedication Labs Youtube:   »
Dedication Labs Facebook:   »
RUMP! on Steam Greenlight:   »

Who are we?
Dedication Labs was founded in June 2014 by Sebastian Schenck and is part of the Schenck Media Group, which was founded in 2010 ( and is located in Hamburg, Germany. Currently a passionate team of 10+ creatives are working for Dedication Labs with the goal to create valuable games with heart, soul and fun.

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