Demo Press Release + Presskit

We’ve been silent, we’ve been sneaky… we already had a few YouTubers and a couple thousand players test the „Alpha Demo“ of RUMP! so we could get some feedback and make the public demo already quite a nice product for its state of development. But now…

We released the information to the general press. The presskit was updated (including 14 new screenshots) and the press release itself is saved in the press area as well. Mails are being sent out as we’re writing here and we hope to get some reviews out there in the gaming scene.

Feel free to pick our info from the press area! We’d be please if you’d drop us a link on Twitter (@rumpgame) or a quick eMail if you post something about our upcoming game, so we can share it on our network as well.

Not much more to say, except the most important thing – the download-link:

» http://store.steampowered.com/app/348160

Enjoy rumping around our maps and hunting the highscores!

RUMP! Dev Diary

Hey fellow rumpers,

we thought it might be a good idea to keep you informed about our development progress and what is going on behind our walls.

This blog entry takes care of the development progress in particular. You won’t read very much about our marketing because I think you might find that boring. Short inside to marketing? At this moment we handle a trillion excelsheets with even more contacts and emails and try to reach everyone! That’s it in a nutshell!

RUMP! Dev Diary weiterlesen


Indiegogo-Campaign launched

1st of March marks the start for the 60 day duration of our first Indiegogo-Campaign. Our upcoming game RUMP! can now be backed by everyone out there, so we can deliver an awesome single- and multiplayer experience to you.

Don’t miss the new graphics and artworks, the all new video and the big bunch of details about the game and our plans – take a look at our campaign details here:

» http://www.rumpage.com   or   » http://igg.me/at/rump/x/9734900

We’d be really happy if you spread the word about RUMP! and the IGG-Campaign amongst your friends and on your social media channels!


Thanks, Updates and Indiegogo!

Hey fellow Rumpers,

first of all: THANK YOU! Our dream came true! Within only 6 days we got the relieving message from Steam that our game got the LIGHT! This was an amazing moment for all of us and we could not be happier. So a big T H X goes out to you: the people who made it possible!

So here are some more infos on what is going on:

Since we want to deliver a really great game which makes you and us happy, we need some more time to get things done right! We are no real fans of publishing unfinished work to you. We want you to have a good experience and keep us in mind with a „Hey, they made a good game“ attitude! As you may know: Time is money. Unfortunately for every Indie-Developer! So we definitely need financial support. Doing a crowdfunding is the best way. You will get rewards and we don’t feel bad „begging“ for money. We think this is a good way of keeping our company running in order to finish the game with your wishes and demands.

We will start our campaign on Indiegogo, since it is very difficult, and partly illegal, for us to use Kickstarter (german laws, tax djungles and stuff like that…). And we also have some very special perks and giveaways to make you happy. Also there are very very nice stretch goals and features we want to implement. You will hear more about these things when the campaign starts!

We hope to get it started in the next few days and we will inform you on every channel we have. We are a little scared because of the numbers – but its all relative. We are a team of currently 9 people… and they demand food every day (crazy people…) – but we think with your help and power we can achieve a lot of these goals.

Demo!!!!!11 – Soon!

We are still working on a nice preview demo for all of you to play! It will only be a DEMO, which means it will be short, since we don’t want to shoot all of our magic powder with a demo at you yet. Keep that in mind when downloading it later on! The Demo will be released when the Indieogogggoog campaign has already started to add more fuel to the fire! So … HAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYPPPEEEEE!

So thank you for reading and helping us so much!


RUMP achieved Greenlight on Steam

On the sixth day, Steam created light… and it was GREEN!

Thats awesome! We, you and us, did it! RUMP just got greenlit a couple hours ago on its » Steam Greenlight Page.

Filed on January 27th, approved on February 2nd. Thats just six days for the Steam assessment team to see that you, the community, definitely has an eager interest to play this game (and nuke your friends on multiplayer as well). So they gave us a big thumbs up and greenlit RUMP – the game that comes with no arms and legs, but a cape!

We’re now crawling through the extensive Steam interfaces that got unlocked by becoming a Steam partner and receiving an AppID for RUMP. We now can really dive into their API and fully implement SteamWorks into our game. Sorting out the new tasks that came along, we’ll soon update you on the current updates, further development roadmap and all the other stuff that you need to know.

THANKS TO ALL VOTERS. Thanks for sharing this on your networks and thanks for spreading the word. We’re really surprised how fast that went – and we’re really happy! RUMPAGE! <3


RUMP! on Steam Greenlight

Yeah, got that milestone! RUMP is now available for your votes on » Steam Greenlight!

Go for it and leave a thumbs up for RUMP, so it quickly gets available for all you players and supporters out there. The sooner we reach the unknown™ internal votes limit at Steam, the faster the Steam assessment and evaluation team will take a deeper look at RUMP in order to release it to the Steam store.

Please take note that Steam will play the big part on deciding what price RUMP will be available to buy for – we’re not EA or some big publisher (yet ^^) which can give some pricing orders to their assessment team. So we can’t provide this information yet – but we guess that it will be a fair common indie game price, probably below or around USD $20.

We’ll keep you posted as soon as we get news. Details on the upcoming Indiegogo-campaign are following within the next week as well. :)


Welcome to DedicationLabs!

We welcome you to our small blog about games, development and people here at the DDC Labs. We’re already here for quite a while doing lots of different things. But lately the game development became a bigger thing for us and we’re already working on two standalone titles.

Introducing: ECHOES (working title) and RUMP! The first being a survival horror game, which will take some more time to develop – the latter one being a fast-paced 3D jump and run with some humorous elements to it. Please find out more about us and the current titles by just clicking around on our site. :)

Greetings from Germany – and enjoy your stay,
the DDC Labs team.