Indiegogo Campaign finished

First off: a big thanks from the whole team to all the backers out there, that picked a perk on our Indiegogo-Campaign and supported us in the development of RUMP!.

We’ve earned quite a bit of experience in terms of Crowdfunding within these two months, since this was the first time we had such a campaign going. The platform gave us a nice reach out to the world – in the end several countries including India, Korea, America and Russia got to know about us and even made a lot YouTube Lets Play-Videos with our Alpha Demo!

This outreach is very valuable to us and we’ve been quite happy that Kickstarter now eventually managed to get their Germany-Expansion going. We’re now able to use the possible reach on that platform as well, probably starting between 12th and 15th of May. The Kickstarter-campaign will be only half the time though, since this wasn’t planned and we don’t want to put another two months into campaigning.

After that we’ll have some internal processing for the two campaigns (collecting and combining data, publishing updates and details, contacting according people and the like) before we’re moving to the next bigger step:

The Beta! Our Multiplayer work is in good progress, we already put out some alpha teaser videos on weaponry and due to popular demand we’re promoting Deathmatch to the first released GameMode for Multiplayer matches over TimeAttack, which will follow later.

Keep an eye open on our Facebook and Twitter accounts for the images, videos and updates we’re posting there. The next Blog entry will probably be for the release of the Kickstarter Campaign.

Thanks again for your big support and sharing our game to your friends and on your social media!