ECHOES – Time is not returnable


Our current long term development project is a first person singleplayer survival horror game.

Another one, you might ask? We are aware that there are currently quite a bunch of games, matching the survival horror genre, out there. But since developing a game like this takes a good amount of time we are already, albeit a bit slowly, since we currently have Rump on priority, diving into it.

The raw storyboard is set, some scenes are already defined, a couple of locations are indeed ready to play. But this kind of game has to tell a story and it only lives up to its details – and all those scary moments, of course. So there’s way more work waiting for us.

Take a look at some artworks and screenshots:

art_echoes_chemics_lab art_echoes_sandclock art_echoes_torture_room
ingame_echoes_pump_room ingame_echoes_bunker_hallway ingame_echoes_desks_clipboard
ingame_echoes_tricicle_blood ingame_echoes_sewers
mesh_echoes_bunker_main_door mesh_echoes_surgery_light mesh_echoes_pump_large

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