DDC Labs

To us, Games are Religion. We’re into this for several decades now, everyone of us. We pretty much grew up on the very first computer games ever created and we’ve seen a lot of evolution and change during all those years.

Now it has come to the point for us to really become part in all of this – by making our own games. With the invaluable experience, that each of us collected in a wide variety of tools and topics over a long time, we met ourselves a couple years ago and grew together.

Amongst surely essential things, like knowing engines, creating 3D meshes, level-design and all that game-related stuff, we learned a lot of other things that usually only come to mind on a second or third thought. What is a game usually meant to be? Entertaining! And the stuff required for this runs in our blood – live broadcasting lots of shows, hyping crowds at several fairs, recording uncounted videos, producing reallife mini-series… the list goes on – been there, done that.

Pretty much beyond „game development“, most would think. But having done all these things our scope got way larger and we actually think about things that others might miss.

Also we’re all some kind of Adrian Monk. Things have to be done right. Even if it takes a bit longer.

We call it: Dedication. Welcome to our Labs.

Who we are – the team:

Sebastian Schenck
Game Design & PR
Nancy Levermann
Artworks & Sculpting
Henry Werner
Level Design & Office
Peter Jeremias
Ambience & Sound
Bark & Chill
Chill & Bark