Closed Beta closed?!

Correct. As you may have noticed, if you have been participating in the closed beta, this phase has finished.

The way Steam works we had to revoke the beta keys just as we announced before. We are now preparing for the Early Access release and every backer of our Indiegogo campaign will receive his final key right in time.

Stay tuned on our Steam Community pages and on Facebook for further updates. We’re aiming for less than two weeks until the release.

Aside of this: the store page might be down due to our „App“ being in „prerelease“-state and the demo may be buggy at the moment, since we’re also changing things around the API.5

So – for now: don’t worry. It is indeed (kind of, as it’s the way Steam works for our progress) intended for the game to disappear from your library, since we’ve revoked the closed beta keys.

Stay tuned – we’re close to publishing RUMP! to every gamer out there! :)